Setting up an own hosted ghost blog at Azure.

Setting up an own hosted ghost blog at Azure.
Photo by Museums Victoria / Unsplash

In order to publish anything I've setup a ghost instances on Azure. The cost is somewhere around 85 SEK/month, which is far from cheap. But it's easy to tear down and publish somewhere else.

My current hosting which is at Webbsupport (which was formerly Binero) has rasied their hosting plan to a ridicule fee, so I though I might try my luck somewhere else.

Currently I'm running the Bitnami package for ghost, but since it needs it's own VM I think I'm gonna switch to something more lightweight. This should be possible to run in a docker container, right? Probably it already do it, but it's behind some sort of Azure black box magic.

How I approached it and what to watch out for

I followed this guide written by Lashen Kariyawasam. The only culprit was that the domain name is set to an IP, which make all links go to localhost. Bitnami gives a few pointers on how to fix this here. Basically you have to ssh into the machine and update the /opt/bitnami/ghost/config.production.json and then restart ghost + apache.

Ok, this is more than a seed or a sprout. I'll update if I get any questions or have something more helpful to add.