Planting seeds of inspiration and tending to ideas

Planting seeds of inspiration and tending to ideas
Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

Hi! Welcome to my digital garden!

So first things first: I'm Joakim, a father of three and a person who's carries an interest for spirituality, cooking, technology and society. By the looks I look like an average hipster (and yes, I DO make sourdough bread, kimchi and also went through my kombucha phase a few years ago. Thanks for asking.)

What a %@# is a Digital garden?

Oh, thanks for asking. The concept is pretty much lika a blog but with a lower ambition. You can pretty much post a great title or a quote and build upon that later on. Posts are pretty much living things that are updated, edited or deleted (weeded out).

I found the concept via a friend who tipped me off to have a look at [Maggie Appletons garden](

green grass in tilt shift lens
Photo by Jodie Righos / Unsplash

Most images I use is probably gonna be from Unsplash and credited. (If I'm missing crediting any work please notify my, instead report me. I'm a good guy, but also a bit whimsy)